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I appreciate the time you spent looking for the birth of … and your detailed response. – L. Etty, Ontario, Canada, 2001.

I am extremely pleased with the fruits of your labor … I certainly do appreciate the newspaper articles. The obit article is wonderful. It will give the family an insight to an ancestor that was unknown to all of the family. – D. Kington, Arizona, USA, 2001.

My wife & I are delighted with your report on my mother-in-law’s ancestry. – W. Cunningham, Renfrewshire, 2001.

Thank you so much for contacting my brother … for me. I was thrilled to be able to catch up with him after all this time. I was also shocked to find out that I had relatives that I did not know about. – R. Byrne, Victoria, Australia, 2002.

Thanks again for all your help. It will make interesting reading some day for my family members around the world!W. Lapsley, North Carolina, USA, 2004.

It has brought so much pleasure to my father to finally see a picture of one of his family. – M. Cerni, Victoria, Australia, 2004.

We have been in touch with the Lewis family in Prince Edward Island … We really appreciate your finding them and all that info on … – I. Lewis, Alberta, Canada, 2005.

I engaged the excellent Jack Davis of Thistle Heritage Services … He found to my utter amazement that I had an uncle and two aunts that I never knew existed. – M. Rose, Devon, writing in Aberdeen and North-East Scotland Family History Society Journal, issue 95, May 2006, p.36-37.

Thank you for your research, once again – you do produce interesting results. – E.W. Rodger, Berwickshire, 2006.

I must say that the result has been exceptionally interesting and I must thank you for the hard work you put in. – G. Wallace, Renfrewshire, 2006.

Both my sister & myself thank you for all the information received. You did a super job. – M. Butler, Ontario, Canada, 2006.

The results of your searches were very clearly stated and laid out, many thanks … You have been very helpful to me, and I look forward to pursuing some of the leads to which you have pointed. – M. Gardner, West Yorkshire, 2006.

I received the pack yesterday, much more than I expected, and look forward to reading the extensive information you supplied with the individual records. – D. Davie, East Lothian, 2006.

I am very, very pleased with what you have done. The information has given me the wider context of their lives which is exactly what I wanted. – J. Hubbard, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2007.

I am very impressed by the way you present your work, all nice and neat and tidy and meticulous in its detail. – J. Reid, Renfrewshire, 2007.

You provided so much information that we didn’t have in our genealogy records. – G. Alcorn, Washington State, USA, 2007.

Thank you so much for all your hard work on my mother’s family tree – it is tremendous, and all the background material is absolutely fascinating and very enlightening. – M. Soutar, East Dunbartonshire, 2008.

I am delighted at the amount of ground you managed to cover in such a short time. – J. Linn, Midlothian, 2011.

My wife and I were delighted to receive your letter and even more so when I opened it and read the very detailed contents. This subsequent research has proved extremely interesting and I must thank you for the comprehensive information you have uncovered. – D. Bentley, Staffordshire, 2012.

Many, many thanks for your work on my tree. I'm absolutely delighted with the results. – J. Collins, Ontario, Canada, 2013.

A huge big thank you for all your help, research and photographs … – K. Jenkins, Hampshire, 2013.

I found the last few months very interesting, in what you found out about my family ... So thank you very much for what you achieved. – J. Shedden, Renfrewshire, 2014.

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