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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost? The fee is £20 per hour for research time. No further charge is made to cover admission fees, time taken to write up reports, travelling time, postage and packaging (UK). The only extra charge is to cover the cost of items supplied which have to be purchased, e.g. copies of documents or illustrations, and a £10 charge to cover postage and packaging for overseas orders.

How much research is involved? Customers will naturally wish to know in advance how much they can expect to pay. In most cases, it should be possible to agree in advance the number of hours a search is likely to take, and payment is based on this time. As a rough guide, a family tree based on either the maternal or paternal line of one particular ancestor provided from records of births, marriages and deaths should take about six hours; if supplemented by material from other sources such as census records, along with background material, up to twelve hours. So a full package for one side of the family would be £240; for both sides, £480. Smaller searches charged per hour. An upper limit can be placed on the number of hours charged.

How do I pay? Payment is requested by cash, sterling cheque or money order. For payment in other currencies, please add the equivalent of £5 to cover bank charges. Payment can also be made by debit card or credit card, using the PayPal button at the foot of the home page.

When do I pay? No advance payment is required. Research is undertaken in good faith. An invoice will be submitted along with material supplied, and payment becomes due only at this point.

What if nothing can be found? No charge is made for unsuccessful research which requires up to two hours. Above that, a minimum charge of one hour's research time, i.e. £20, will apply.

How much information is required to start? One Scottish ancestor's full name, with date, and if possible, place of birth, marriage or death should be enough to make a start. Any additional information is potentially helpful, since even apparently insignificant information can be useful.

When can I expect results? Normally, research results will be sent out within one month. Special arrangements can be made for material required urgently.

How will the material be sent? Research results can be sent by post (airmail for overseas orders), or by email attachment, whichever is more convenient.

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